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Author Topic: ****** bearing steel properties  (Read 1921 times)


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****** bearing steel properties
« on: April 30, 2014, 02:03:55 AM »
In recent years, due to the quality of bearing steel continuous improvement (rise in price, of course), ****** is able to make its bearing capacity greatly increased. Research results and practical experience have proved that today's standard bearings rolling bearing steel manufacturing, in good lubrication, clean environment and under the condition of load is not big, have infinite fatigue strength can be achieved.
Silicon nitride balls used in ceramic spindle bearing ****** production. Ceramic ball is much lighter than steel ball, centrifugal force and friction is significantly smaller than steel ball. When the bearing grease in still can achieve high speed, and long service life, low working temperature.
****** bearing ring rolling and heat treatment process to ensure that roller bearing within the 150 - degree, size stability. For higher working temperature, need to use special heat treatment method. If the bearing used in corrosive environment, the need to bearing steel are corrosive. Made of stainless steel standard bearings in the code to add prefix "S" and the suffix "W203B".
This the main dimensions of the bearing and the overall quenching bearing steel bearing and the bearing capacity is the same. In order to maintain its corrosion resistance, in the process of installation and use of the surface cannot be damaged.
Rolling bearing performance depends largely on the material performance. ****** usually use low alloy and high purity of whole quenching chrome steel as the material bearing ring and rolling body is made of. To withstand the high impact load and alternating bending stress of the bearing,BEST Bearing using carburizing steel.


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Re: ****** bearing steel properties
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Re: ****** bearing steel properties
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